By Ashoka University

About AshokaX

AshokaX is a unique and pioneering online initiative by Ashoka University, India’s premier Liberal Arts and Sciences University, to bring its renowned faculty, platform, and learning experience to a broader audience in India and around the world. Built on a robust intellectual foundation, AshokaX intends to further Ashoka University’s mission to be inclusive, innovative, and diverse
in its offerings. AshokaX offers a wide range of online programmes, both live and asynchronous to a broad diversity of learners from high-school and college students to working professionals and lifelong learners. AshokaX is backed by Ashoka University’s unmatched academic and intellectual resources and its strong brand in the Indian higher-education space.

‘Beyond the Classroom’ Conversations

‘Beyond the Classroom’ is a special interview series to bring eminent academics and intellectuals from around the world to an Indian audience via the online medium of AshokaX. It aims to take interesting and topical global speakers and debates to a wider audience around India without the constraint of a physical setting. As it is open and inclusive at both ends, – speaker and audience – the platform is entirely unique in the Indian context. The series will aim to be wide-ranging, intellectual challenging and eclectic in its choice of speakers and topics.

Horizons Pre-College Courses

‘Horizons’ is meant to be AshokaX’ live course offering to the young learner audience, open to students from high-school and college. ‘Horizons’ courses will comprise of live, single courses, across Ashoka’s academic disciplines by leading faculty members from within the University as well as from its broader network. ‘Horizons’ courses are meant to introduce students to new, exciting disciplines they may be encountering for the first time.

Academy Weekend Seminars

Academy Weekend Seminars will be short offerings by AshokaX on a specific topic, delivered over the course of a weekend. The primary aim of the Weekend Seminars will be to give learners a condensed but unique and academically rigorous introduction to a particular domain or topical subject. The Seminars are part of AshokaX’ bouquet of offerings targeted at the ‘lifelong learner’ and will cut across Ashoka’s academic disciplines. The seminars will aim to provoke and inspire intellectual exploration and enquiry.

Specialization Certificates

Specialization Certificates are AshokaX programmes comprising a sequence of short courses in a specific subject. These certificates will be aimed at the serious working professional learner looking to acquire depth in a particular discipline. They will require systematic study and learning, with a peer group, over a several week period. The course stacks will aim to instill academic rigour and inspire intellectual enquiry. They will serve as strong introductions to a discipline and thereby prospective steppingstones to a more formal and serious course of study in them.

Madhavi Menon

Professor of English, Ashoka University

Director, Centre for Studies in Gender & Sexuality

Director of the PhD Programme in English

Ph.D. Tufts University

Madhavi Menon is an eminent theorist and scholar of gender, sexuality, politics, and identity. 

She joined Ashoka University in 2013 as one of its founding faculty members. She went on to establish the university’s Centre for Gender & Sexuality Studies (CSGS), which is the first of its kind in India. Previously, she was a professor at Ithaca College and American University

Most prominently known for her work on queer theory and Shakespeare, she has also edited the collection Shakesqueer and written three books on Shakespeare and sexuality. She is also most recently the author of Infinite Varieties: A History of Desire in India and Law of Desire: Rulings on Sex & Sexuality in India. 

In addition to being Director of CSGS, she is the Director of the Ph.D. programme in English and Professor of English at Ashoka University.