The (Mis)measure of (Wo)men


Simantini Ghosh

Course Dates

25th May – 9th June 


Tue, Th – 6:30 to 8pm 


6 Hours/Week


INR 12,000


21st May, 2021

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About The Course

Psychologists love measuring attributes. But how would you measure something as diverse and as subjective as human behavior? How do you measure anger, grief, hope, happiness? How do you measure all of these but keep cross-cultural and ethical concerns in mind? How do you avoid the traps of the enormous amount of pseudoscience that is peddled off as research? This course will introduce you to the idea of rigorous measurements, the science of psychometrics and applying it with a nuanced contextual understanding. Through readings and assignments, you will also work individually and in groups to debunk common myths in human behavior. As the course name indicates, we will be focussing on how gender has been largely misunderstood as a construct and basis of human behavior.”

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      Simantini Ghosh

      Ph.D. University of Rochester

      Simantini (Simi) Ghosh is Assistant Professor of Psychology at Ph.D. coordinator at the Department of Psychology, Ashoka University. She did her bachelors in Physiology (Hons) from Presidency College, Calcutta and obtained her Masters’ degree in Biochemistry from the University of Calcutta and her Ph.D. in Neurobiology and Anatomy from the University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry in Rochester, New York.

      As a postdoctoral research scholar in Neurology in Washington School of Medicine in St. Louis, Missouri, she worked on an NIH-funded project to study behavioral effects of repetitive concussive traumatic brain injury and Alzheimer’s disease brain-derived fractions in rodents. During her PhD, she taught extensively to a diverse audience of undergraduate, medical and graduate students and trained lab personnel and eventually discovered the joy in teaching and interacting with minds that are impressionable. Outside work she enjoys reading, listening to classic and alternative rock, jazz and blues, writing and photography.

      Horizons Course Objectives

      Discover Your Interest and Aptitude

      Go Deep Into Specific Disciplines

      Learn with Amazing Peers from Schools across India

      Explore Unique Perspectives and Ideas

      Develop New Skills and Abilities

      Learning Support for the Course

      Manasa Veluvali

      Teaching Assistant

      Manasa Veluvali – Teaching Assistant
      Manasa graduated from Ashoka University with a bachelors in Psychology (Hons.) and returned to complete a Postgraduate Diploma in Psychology. She focuses on clinical psychology and neuroscience, and aims to work towards improving treatments for adolescent depression and mental health advocacy. Soon, she will embark on a Masters in Clinical Psychology at University of Reading, UK. She spends her free time learning languages (most recently, Farsi), creating mixed-media art, and watching small-town crime series.

      Madhavi Menon

      Professor of English, Ashoka University

      Director, Centre for Studies in Gender & Sexuality

      Director of the PhD Programme in English

      Ph.D. Tufts University

      Madhavi Menon is an eminent theorist and scholar of gender, sexuality, politics, and identity. 

      She joined Ashoka University in 2013 as one of its founding faculty members. She went on to establish the university’s Centre for Gender & Sexuality Studies (CSGS), which is the first of its kind in India. Previously, she was a professor at Ithaca College and American University

      Most prominently known for her work on queer theory and Shakespeare, she has also edited the collection Shakesqueer and written three books on Shakespeare and sexuality. She is also most recently the author of Infinite Varieties: A History of Desire in India and Law of Desire: Rulings on Sex & Sexuality in India. 

      In addition to being Director of CSGS, she is the Director of the Ph.D. programme in English and Professor of English at Ashoka University.