The Many Faces of Globalization

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Anuradha Saha

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13th – 22nd Dec


5 – 6:30PM


6 Hours/Week


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10th December,2021

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About The Course

The East India Company came to India in 1608 to trade in spices and cotton but stayed on to rule India till 1947. In the early 2000s, we saw a reversal of roles when the Indian conglomerate Tata Group expanded their global operations by acquiring several British companies such as the steel giant Corus, Jaguar Land Rover, to name a few. While control over indigenous people was essential for profitability in the 1600s, it is not so today. In this course, we will discuss changes in global patterns of trade and their effects on different people in the economy. What is the role of policy and technology in influencing international movements of goods and labor? Can anyone get high-quality goods and services from around the world or is it a privilege reserved for the wealthy? As skilled labor in a developing economy, what is the world that you will inherit? The course will use economic tools to understand the complex issues in international trade.

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    Mahavir Jhawar

    Anuradha Saha

    Ph.D. Indian Statistical Institute

    Anuradha Saha is Assistant Professor of Economics at Ashoka University; she completed her Ph.D. at the Indian Statistical Institute, Delhi Centre. She earned her B.Sc. in Physics from St. Stephen’s College in 2007 and MA in Economics from the Delhi School of Economics in 2009.

    Professor Saha’s research interests include Macroeconomic Theory, Growth Theory, and Development Economics. Her thesis focused on sectoral growth with emphasis on services sector dynamics. She is currently working on characterizing international trade in services and has recently started studying the effects of monetary and fiscal policy in emerging economies. She is trying to understand how the effectiveness of these policies depends on institutions and market structures.

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    Madhavi Menon

    Professor of English, Ashoka University

    Director, Centre for Studies in Gender & Sexuality

    Director of the PhD Programme in English

    Ph.D. Tufts University

    Madhavi Menon is an eminent theorist and scholar of gender, sexuality, politics, and identity. 

    She joined Ashoka University in 2013 as one of its founding faculty members. She went on to establish the university’s Centre for Gender & Sexuality Studies (CSGS), which is the first of its kind in India. Previously, she was a professor at Ithaca College and American University

    Most prominently known for her work on queer theory and Shakespeare, she has also edited the collection Shakesqueer and written three books on Shakespeare and sexuality. She is also most recently the author of Infinite Varieties: A History of Desire in India and Law of Desire: Rulings on Sex & Sexuality in India. 

    In addition to being Director of CSGS, she is the Director of the Ph.D. programme in English and Professor of English at Ashoka University.