Introduction to Cryptography

An Ashoka University online course for high-school students.


Mahavir Jhawar

Course Dates

30 May – 16 June


INR 12,000 + GST


Mon/Thurs: 3 – 4:30pm 

About The Course

Cryptography has become an important topic in undergraduate curricula in computer science, not just for its ability to put mathematics in a dramatic setting, but for its current standing as the basis for almost all computer security. The course will introduce the basics of the fundamental cryptographic concepts such as encryption, digital signature, and hash function. The mathematics behind these systems will be discussed and developed using open-source software (for computational mathematics). The course will include practicals on the general process of encryption and decryption, digital signing, and verification using selected industry-standard encryption and digital signature systems. We will also describe how these concepts have practical applications in the field of cybersecurity, cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin), etc.

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    Course Faculty

    Mahavir Jhawar

    Mahavir Jhawar

    Ph.D. Indian Statistical Institute
    Mahavir Jhawar received his Ph.D. degree (2011) in computer science from the Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata. He was a postdoctoral fellow (2012-14) in the Department of Computer Science, University of Calgary, Canada. He does research in Cryptography. In particular, he enjoys working in public-key cryptography, lattice-based cryptography, blockchain, protocols in applied cryptography, and network security.

    Horizons Course Objectives

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    Go Deep Into Specific Disciplines

    Learn with Amazing Peers from Schools across India

    Explore Unique Perspectives and Ideas

    Develop New Skills and Abilities

    Learning Support for the Course

    Aarav Varshney

    Teaching Assistant

    Aarav Varshney – Teaching Assistant
    Aarav is a CS Major at Ashoka University, currently in his final year. He has a strong interest in working on applications of cryptography, and also likes Computer Architecture and Algorithms. Aarav is also a backend developer on the side. On another note, he also loves dogs!