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About BTC Conversations

‘Beyond the Classroom’ is a special interview series to bring eminent academics and intellectuals from around the world to an Indian audience via the online medium of AshokaX. It aims to take interesting and topical global speakers and debates to a wider audience around India without the constraint of a physical setting. As it is open and inclusive at both ends, – speaker and audience – the platform is entirely unique in the Indian context. The series will aim to be wide-ranging, intellectual challenging and eclectic in its choice of speakers and topics.

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    Beyond the Classroom Archive

    Kranti Saran : Does morality require God?

    Nayanjot Lahiri – Why study love & laughter?

    Bittu – How We Think : From Brain to Behaviour

    Ashwini Deshpande – What Women Do : Is It even work?

    Jonathan Gil Harris – Masala Shakespeare

    Rudrangshu Mukherjee – Remembering Bapu : Gandhi vs Swaraj

    Amita Baviskar – Can eating Maggi create a more equal society?

    Ali Khan Mahmudabad – Islamic Poetry : combat with the self

    Maya Saran – Questions Math Can’t Answer

    Debayan Gupta – Truth, Lies & Secrets : A Brief History of Privacy

    Avantika Bhatia – Connecting the Dots : Early Emotional Bonds & Adult Experiences

    Pratap Bhanu Mehta – Pandemic & Power : The Global Order after Covid 19

    Johannes Burgers – Always Present & Totally Forgettable : Mapping Minor Characters through Literary Demography

    Imroze Khan – Bugs & Pandemics : Darwinian Dilemmas in Emerging Infectious Diseases

    Swargajyoti Gohain – Everyday Life in the Himalayas

    Manu Awasthi – Computer Systems : Workhorses of the Digital Era

    The Rise & Fall of Osama Bin Laden – Peter Bergen in conversation with Sunil Khilnani

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