‘How to Change A Life’

An Introduction to Behavioural Science

An AshokaX Professional Certificate with


Ashoka University Online Exclusive

Unique – First Behavioural Science Programme in India

12 weeks: 24 Jan – 9 Apr 2022

Senior Professional Peer Cohort

Live Learning & Real-World Projects

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    Why take this course?

    From public policy to advertising and digital media, there is a rapidly growing demand and value for organizations to use Behavioural Science to design solutions and solve complex challenges.

    Taught by behavioural science specialists at the Centre of Social and Behaviour Change, who work at the forefront of behaviour change interventions for positive impact, this programme draws on cutting-edge scientific theory to provide you the “know-how” for applying behavioural science to real-world problems.

    The programme equips you with a toolkit of scope, theory and implementation of behavioural science for both personal development and in your professional role. From inventing nudges, designing successful solutions, to learning the skills to change your own behaviour, the course is designed for those new to the discipline as well as early practitioners looking to further their skills of application.

    Anchor Faculty

    Pavan Mamidi

    Director, CSBC
    Ph. D. University of Oxford

    Sanna Balsari-Palsule

    Asst. Professor, Ashoka University
    Ph. D. University of Cambridge

    Shagata Mukherjee

    Lead, NITI Aayog Behavioural Insights Unit
    Ph. D. Georgia State University

    Guest Faculty

    What You’ll Take from this Course

    Latest frameworks and theories from Behavioural Economics, Social Psychology and Neuroscience

    Hands-On skills to apply Behavioural Insights to Drive Change

    Real-World experience working with Behavioural Scientists and Policy Leaders on Live Projects

    Leading perspectives on "Nudging" and "Nudge-Based" Techniques

    The most effective tools to Design, Implement & Assess interventions and change.

    You should take this Course if


    You are a Mid to Senior Professional Leader keen to apply the latest Behavioural Science tools and techniques to make better connections.


    You engage directly with consumers and brands either as a marketer, advertiser, a brand in-charge or a communication executive.


    You are a community and/or institution builder working in policy, academia or individual or societal change in any form.


    You design user interactions, products or experiences in retail, consumer applications, media or marketplaces.

    • Psychology
    • Law
    • Marketing
    • Criminology
    • UI/UX Design
    • Business Development
    • Public Policy
    • Modern Medicine
    • Personality Coaching

    Programme Schedule

    The programme spans 12 weeks, beginning January 24, 2022.
    Tuesdays, Thursdays – Live Coursework with Anchor Faculty
    Saturdays/Sundays – Guest Speaker Presentations and Discussion Sections

    Programme Structure

    This programme takes a unique approach to the application of behavioural science. Divided into two modules of roughly 6 weeks each, students will be introduced to the precepts and applications of behavioural science beginning with themselves (!), all the way to society at large.

    Course Modules

    Module 1.  How to Change Your Life – Nudging Yourself

    The first part of the programme trains you in the application of behavioural science to your own lives. From strengthening your interpersonal skills, to tackling biases, these eight modules translate key theories and frameworks from behavioural science, behavioural economics, neuroscience and social psychology into practical “action strategies” and exercises to practice and incorporate into your daily life.

    1. How to craft your goals
    • The power of your personal projects
    • Aligning your personal projects to your actions
    • Strategies for achieving your goals and personal projects
    2. How to build habits and stick to them
    • The power of elastic habits
    • The science of habit formation
    • Strategies for building good habits (and doing away with the bad ones)
    3. How to outsmart biases
    • Exploring a balanced decision-making potential
    • The science of unconscious biases and their effect
    • Discover your approach and design your own decision architecture
    • De-biasing techniques – the impact of micro decision

    4. How to manage your emotions
    • Faking emotions at work and avoiding burnout
    • The power of multiple selves
    • Strategies for exercising your emotion muscle
    5. How to change your personality
    • How personality shapes your life and why change is possible
    • Building restorative niches for your well-being
    • Strategies for changing your personality
    6. How to tell your story
    • The role of self-authoring and the narratives shaping our lives
    • The power of effective communication
    • Strategies that change the way you tell your story
    7. How to navigate conflict
    • The science of persuasion and conflict resolution
    • The importance of tolerance for ambiguity
    • Strategies for conflict resolution

    Module 2. How to Change Someone Else’ Life – Nudging Others

    The second module turns the lens outwards and combines empirical research with real-life case studies from the Centre of Social Behaviour Change. By the end of these eight modules, learners will be adept and equipped with the tools to adopt a behavioural lens, apply frameworks and design and evaluate successful interventions (and even build a nudge unit!) .

    1. How to change behaviour
    • The power of formal institutions – laws
    • The power of informal institutions – social norms
    • Nudges/Choice Architecture
    2. How to run experiments
    • Iconic experiments in science
    • Causation
    • Behavioural Experiments
    • Observational Methods
    • Field experiments
    3. How to conduct ethnographic research
    • Ethnography
    • Talking to people 
    • Picking up barriers to change
    • Picking up enablers of change 

    4. How to design for social norms
    • What are social norms?
    • Can norms be changed in a short duration?
    • How does one measure and study norms?
    • Norm nudging
    5. How to run digital campaigns and strategies
    • Role of social media in social change
    • Building a behaviour change campaign for digital world
    • Mapping different digital platforms
    • Building a community based change strategy
    6. How to create stories for change
    • Behaviour economics and Narratives
    • Edutainment
    • Fragmented attention, and Tik Tok messages
    • Storytelling, cartoons, songs, and music
    7. How to apply behaviour science at the bottom of the pyramid
    • Health
    • Financial Inclusion
    • Gender
    • Ethnicity and Caste
    8. How to invent nudges
    • Case studies of iconic nudges
    • Processes of invention 
    • User innovation
    • Boring but effective versus Interesting and Ineffective
    9. How to build a Nudge Unit
    • Types of people in a Nudge Unit
    • Building a team to do ethnography
    • Building a behavioural lab
    • What does it take to do advocacy, and scale up?  
    10. How to be an ethical nudger
    • Trolley problem – Utilitarianism and Rights
    • Libertarian Paternalism – the contradiction
    • The price of autonomy
    • Deception in nudging
    • What does the law say about nudging? 


    Programme Fee

    INR 1,20,000

    Need Based Financial Aid Available

    *EMI options available